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Dance means moving your body rhythmically to music, let yourself loose to the music with various dance steps and technique. There are no limitation and boundaries in dancing. Everyone can dance freely without being judged by society. For children, dancing is one way of expressing themself. Children could learn how to dance and have fun, but at the same time they learn about discipline and how to socialize with others.

There aresome benefits of dance, either for kids and adults:
1. Health and Phycical
    Many health and physical benefits, such as cardio exercise, coordination, posture, increased energy,
    boost memory, coordination, improve flexibility, balance, posture, body awareness and also weight
    control. Dance in a regular basis has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia in old age, this is because 
    in dancing we have to memorize complex dance movements, choreography and also good for our body

2. Emotional and Mental
    Dance helps people to loose their stress and fear, make them feel joyful and helps with their emotional
    issue by allowing them to express their feeling, such as anger, depression, frustation, loss and other
    feelings that is supressed inside. Dancing also has mental benefits, such as improving confidence, self-
    esteem and improving body self-image.

3. Social bonding
    Dance helps people in social bond, generate good feeling that comes from interaction and being with
    others, increase communication skill, make new friends, and bring people out from isolation.

4. Fun
    One thing for sure, dancing is fun!