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    Street style dance, move with the groove, poweful movement, speed, that's what you will learn. Students will learn

    the dance technique in hip hop dance, start from basic technique such as bounce, foot work and others. In this

    class students will build strength, stamina, and also confident.


SEXY JAZZ (Ladies only)

    Sexy Jazz is a type of dance which combine jazz movement with modern dance. This class is special for ladies only,

    created by Jessica one of the founder of the school. Students will learn about basic jazz dance technique, body 

    posture, attitude and ladies style dance. They will build flexibility, power, and good body gesture.


BELLYDANCE (Ladies Only)

    Dance which is originated from Middle East. Two different type of bellydance class to choose from, one is Classical

    Bellydance and the second one is Tribal Fusion Bellydance.



    Learn the dance movement from your favorite Kpop female artist and girlband. In this Kpop Dance Cover class, you

    will be taught the same dance movement as the Kpop artist. But not only the choreography, you will be taught all the      

    dance technique step by step.

 KPOP BASIC (KPOP Basic class)


    Don't have the basic and dance background, but you wanted to dance like the Kpop female artist? Worry no more, you         can learn how to dance from basic, with easy step by step guide in this class. Be confident, you can do it!


    Top rock, indiana step, wind mill, freeze! That's what will be taught in Breakdance class. You will learn step by step

    how to do all the breakdance moves and also many variation of power moves. School matress are provided for use

    in this class, so don't worry it's safe.



    Have you ever watch "Step Up" movies and wondering how did they do that, dancing like a robot with that cool

    attitude? what dance is that? Well here's the answer! It's called Popping, moving your body, contracting and

    relaxing muscle to cause a 'pop' and 'hit' movement.


    Learn how to do locking moves in dancing with funk music such as James Brown music. Enjoy the groove and move

    you body.